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Leonard Murphy, IIeX

Jim Breyer, Accel Partners

ROADURON specializes in high quality live and studio production, live streaming and social media amplification. ROADURON sets the benchmark for emerging real-time brand marketing.


Jay Samit, President ooVoo
Jay Samit, President ooVoo

“Capturing a great interview on video is more than just getting a talking head on camera.  It takes the rare skill of coaxing a compelling narrative out of people that are not used to storytelling.  Ellie Rubin has the unique ability to draw out the best from her subjects while removing the layer of complexity and jargon that surrounds most innovative technology discussions.  Having done the circuit of television tech shows, I can say that Ellie elicited from me one of the best interviews I have ever given.



"I have worked with many production crews and this one really knows how to produce great work every time. …"


Syd Espinosa, Mayor, Palo Alto 2011


Julie Mazziotta CMO, AlwaysOn
Julie Mazziotta CMO, AlwaysOn

"When our keynote speakers tell us that they have had amazing response to the live streamed studio interviews that ROADURON

produced at our AlwaysOn events - we know that we have partnered with the right experts. Ellie Rubin is an agile, probing and natural on air personality who knows her material. Chris Strachan and his crew take a complex technological and media operation and seamlessly make the production look fantastic - in every different location."



“As a television producer I am always looking for on air talent that is magnetic. Ellie Rubin is that and more. She gets the script and tone of the conversation right out of the gate - bringing her unique ease and expertise to every production she works on. She is simply the best!”


Alyse Rosenberg Producer : “Ready or Not” (Showtime, Disney), Lives That Changed the World (Discovery), Forensic Factor (Discovery), Virtual Mom (Nickelodeon,CBC)


“Ellie has what it takes to bring out the drama of every scene she does. She intuitively taps into the crux of the situation and finds the core motivator of each of the people she coaches on screen. She exudes tough love with style and authority and the camera really likes her. She is a pleasure to work with.”


Romano D’Andrea, Executive Producer, Style by Jury


" I had the pleasure of working with Ellie and her team on a video production for our organization, Magical Bridge. What I loved about ROADURON is that they were committed to finding a way to tell the whole story in a way that was intriguing and respectful, not to mention with great camera work. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to tell a story in moving images."


Olenka Villareal, Chair, Magical Bridge


“Ellie and I have great chemistry on television. No matter how hard I try to stump her with difficult questions, she never takes a pause and always has just the right answer. How does she do it?”


Mary Ito, Host, CBC Television



"As the Executive Producer of Made to Order, I work with production teams all over the world and in all kinds of situations. What I really appreciate about the ROADURON team is their ability to do it all - write, produce, shoot, edit and everything in between. And there is no better media trainer than Ellie!"
Michael Rubino, Rubino Entertainment